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artist in progress                                        on documentation, 2015

In the beginning of this research I started exploring how documents are made. What interested me was the fact we want to measure and carefully document the results. We are being measured before we are born and after we’ve died. And all these results are somehow being written down in documents. If you think of it, the most absurd things are being measured and documented. This is inextricably linked to human curiosity. Learning about measuring and documenting the results, made me think of making a model that could refer to these proceedings. With model 1.1 which I call "Accesses" I am referring to humankind’s age-old desire to gauge the scale of the world and the domestic custom of recording children’s heights on door frames. In this part of making the model I used my own experience of being documented this way. I couldn’t relate with the thin line drawn on the door frame. The only one who knew all about this line and its resource was my father who set the line. A few years later my 'document of increasing length' was repainted with a two-tone design of brown and orange paint… The document was erased. In my studies, I became increasingly convinced that a document is relative: it is constantly changing by all sort of influences or it is not readable or understandable anymore or they even just vanish. With this model I try to show the relativity of the document. The model is made of wood, aluminum, iron, and an automatic door closer. The measurements are in relation with the common human body The user is being measured by opening the access front lever. The 39 aluminum scanners scan the body when the user is slowly walking through. Notice that the user who is being measured cannot see the making of the outcome. Only the onlookers can witness that. The extent of displacement is mediated through the iron transmissions to the horizontal rulers which are moved towards the left depending the displacement. The broader the scanned body part is, the greater the displacement of the ruler is. When the measurement is done the on-lookers see the actual document which is made by visual connect vertically the rightmost tips of the rulers. Eventually the door closer will close automatically sliding the rulers back in begin position, therewith changing and finally erasing the physical document leaving an unwritten document with the onlookers. In fact the document is now existing on the most unstable medium there is: the onlookers memory. But for how long?

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